5 proven ways to help you start and remain in business successfully

Are you afraid of starting a business? Then this is for you.


  1. Discover what you are passionate about – passion is a driving force that attracts success. If there is any business you would love to do, then do one that is related to your passion. I an emotionally passionate about my catering business and the passion makes me to easily handle any challenge I face in the business. With your passion, you will start a business with little or  no capital.
  2. Discover how your passion will solve a social problem – in our society today, any business must solve a social problem. Therefore, you must discover how your business idea will bring good solution to a social problem in your society. I love talking about my business a lot because, it has given me excellent results with proofs. My catering business provides instant fast-food for even the most common man on the street. Thereby solving the problem of hunger for anybody on the street. Also, my business provides direct and indirect employment for people in the society. How will your business idea solve a social problem? Think about it!
  3. Conquer every fear by just starting– there are over a thousand and one reasons to be afraid of starting a business. but if you think of fears, you will never start. When I started my business, many people gave me reasons why it was not the right time for me to start. Many things were not in the place but the vision was in place. With my passion, my skills and  the grace of God, I closed my ears to what everybody had to say and just started. Gradually, I concurred and kept concurring every fear.
  4. Have a positive mind set – a man is what he thinks of himself. Having a positive mind set is one of the greatest assets that any business person should have. With a positive altitude, your business idea will kick start and that should be your driving force even when things want to go wrong. At every growth stage in my business, I faced serious challenges that sometimes, I feel like quitting(Yes I am human too, not a super star!) but my positive mind and outlook have been my bailing route. Therefore, you want to start a business and be successful in the business, have a positive mind set.
  5. Start with God – without God, we are nothing. If you put the above four steps into place and put God out of place, then you will be frustrated out of business soon after you started. Seek the face of God working through the other four steps and you will have so much peace.

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