*Our training aim provides aspiring bakers with the best baking skills to excel excellently in the field. 

*Our students are blessed to learn from the wealth of knowledge of our certified professional facilitators/bakers.

*We have excellent  environment and equipments that aid a faster learning for all students.

*We are also a recognized Government approved center for the NATIONAL BUSINESS AND TECHNICAL EXAMINATION BOARD ( NABTEB), guiding students on acquiring the the right modular certification.

*We also provide business advisory services on how to kick start your catering business,


*MP101 (Baking and Business) Duration  -. 2 hours/3 times/1 week.

This courses is for any one who is interested in running a catering business. It enlightens students on the hidden  secrets of running a successful catering business. It is one thing to learn the catering skills, it is another thing to know how to run a catering business and make good profit.With this course, you are fully covered to excel exceedingly in your catering career.

MP201 (Basic principles of Baking) Duration – 4hours / 3times per week /4 weeks

Here, every student learns 

*the basic science  of baking

*Baking tools and equipment

*Different types of baking methods

* 4 types of cakes 

* Buttercream decoration

* Fondant making

* Covering a cake with fondant

MP301 (ADVANCE BAKING) Duration – 5 hours / 3 times per week/ 8 weeks

* Advance buttercream decoration

*Making buttercream roses

* Royal icing

*Making sugar roses

* Moulding and sugar crafts

*Advance baking skills

*Dessert making

*Advance fondant decoration

*Different types of fondant for different weathes


In this course, students will learn

*Different types of pastries

*Major fast moving Nigerian snacks

*European Snacks

*African Snacks

*Different types of Small Chops

*How to create your personal confectioneries recipes

Bonus class: (Fundamentals of continental dishes) Duration4hrs/3 times a week/ 4weeks

APPRENTICESHIP TRAINING Duration – 8 hours/5 days per week/12 months

This is a 12 months stretch on the job apprenticeship training. Apprentices learn daily on the job having the opportunity to have a good exposure to the catering skills. This package is good for students on long strike, secondary school leavers who are still seeking admission or anyone who is willing to create such long time to acquire the catering skills. The twelve months training period  can  be split into two parts of six months each.

Important Note: We advise that all students undergo a minimum of one month internship programme in our retail shop to have a good experience of running a well structured successful catering business.