Our Online Pastry Class provides you with the opportunity to learn first class pastry skills from the comfort of your zone. Our innovative recipes are unique. Thus, offering you to learn distinct methods of pastry making.

Detailed classes are available at your own convenience , while we attend to the questions and queries you drop in the comment section. Please follow the link below to pay online

We provide self made videos from our fast growing pastry production factory that permits you to learn the secrets of our mouth washing confectioneries.

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I am Oluwafunbi, your favorite Pastry Chef, The Empowerment lady. I love you and will be super excited to share my pastry knowledge with you

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  1. Please can you chat me on this line. I’ve tried to enroll but the amount to pay is not available can you please tell me the amount involved

    • Hello Chioma,
      Its good to hear that you are imterested in our online training. Please send a whatsApp message to 0810750519 or drop your whatsApp contact to receieve a message from us.
      Warmest Regards

    • Hello Darling Sis. Glad to hear that you are interested in joining our online training. Please, Contact us on whatsapp 08107505419 to join the whatsapp group

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